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Enjoy a unique coffee indulgence every day leading up to Christmas with a new and exciting assortment, perfect for those who love a good balance in their everyday cup.
The Organic and Decaf Coffee Advent Calendar contains 25 coffeebrewers – an assortment of 12 different specialty coffees, of which 10 are organic caffeinated options and 2 are organic, decaffeinated. All the coffees within this calendar are organic and 11 of the 12 coffees are also Fairtrade certified.

All our specialty coffees are hand-roasted in small batches in our micro-roastery in Middelfart, Denmark.


    1.Honduras Capucas
    2.Ethiopia Sidamo
    3.Guatemala Quetzaltenango
    4.Papua New Guinea Enorga
    5.Nicaragua Madriz
    6.India Araku
    7.Peru Cajamarca
    8.Honduras Capucas Decaf
    9.Bolivia Caranavi
    10.Colombia Tolima
    11.Indonesia Aceh
    12.Honduras Capucas
    13.Peru Jaén Decaf
    14.Ethiopia Sidamo
    15.Guatemala Quetzaltenango
    16.Papua New Guinea Enorga
    17.Honduras Capucas Decaf
    18.India Araku
    19.Peru Cajamarca
    20.Nicaragua Madriz
    21.Bolivia Caranavi
    22.Peru Jaén Decaf
    23.Indonesia Aceh
    24.Honduras Capucas
    25.Colombia Tolima


    Pour-over Frenchpress

    Our unique Coffeebrewer is lightweight, compact and easy to pack in any travel bag, making it possible to enjoy freshly brewed specialty coffee wherever you are. Fairtrade, organic and hand-roasted in an artisan micro-roastery in Denmark, our coffee has full traceability of the coffee origins.


    Pour-over Frenchpress

    STEP 1 - Open the Coffeebrewer
    STEP 2 - Pour in hot water based on the markings on the back to adjust the coffee intensity
    STEP 3 - Enjoy freshly brewed specialty coffee anywhere, anytime
    Brewing temperature: 95°C
    Brew time: 4-8 minutes
    Reusable: Empty, clean and refill the Coffeebrewer