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The Cocktail Taster Kit allows you to enjoy the ultimate cocktail experience with 48 different cocktail combos!
Whether you are an experienced barista or simply passionate about mixing delicious cocktails for family and friends at home, the kit includes everything you need to create unique, tasteful, and organic cocktails with three different organic spirits: gin, rum, and vodka, as well as 16 different, unique, and organic Teabrewers.
Simply brew, mix, shake & enjoy different tea flavours with your spirit of choice, for the ultimate cocktail indulgence!

The cocktail kit includes:

16 Organic Teabrewers
25 cl. organic Danish vodka
25 cl. organic Danish gin
25 cl. organic Danish rum
50 cl. organic lime juice
50 cl. organic sugar syrup
A small book of recipes and procedures

*This product cannot be shipped outside EU.