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Vodka & Tea – Organic Cocktail Kit. 8 Cocktails + 8 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

With this 100% organic cocktail kit you get a different and special cocktail experience! You don't need bartender experience or a lot of different bottles to make delicious, flavorful and colorful cocktails with this cocktail kit from The Brew Company! The organic Teabrewers are the key to the unique flavors. Here you get 8 carefully selected Teabrewers, each with different flavours and different cocktails when mixed with the remaining ingredients. The set includes everything you need (except ice cubes, it became too difficult) to mix and shake the tastiest cocktails at home with friends and family. A must have for the curious cocktail enthusiast.

The cocktail kit includes:

  • 8 organic Teabrewers
  • 25 cl. organic Danish vodka
  • 25 cl. organic lime juice
  • 25 cl. organic sugar syrup
  • Shaker
  • Jigger
  • A small book of recipes and procedures

Mix, shake, enjoy
With this delicious organic Cocktail Kit, you can enjoy beautiful cocktails without hassle and without having to buy several different bottles to ensure flavours, colors and so on. Our Teabrewers ensure you both tastes and colours and together with the remaining ingredients included in the set, you get the most delicious cocktails easily and conveniently.

To ensure the best experience, we recommend that you brew the tea well in advance and refrigerate it. This ensures both that the tea is cold when mixed with ice cubes, and ensures an even more powerful taste when the tea has been brewing longer. Then follow the instructions for the mixing conditions of juice, syrup and vodka, mix with ice cubes in the smart shaker, and serve the mixture in your favorite glasses possibly with a slice of fresh fruit on the edge to garnish. Then there is nothing left but to enjoy the delicious unique cocktails in good company. Enjoy!

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