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A nice and tasteful postcard from Middelfart

Middelfart is an exciting city, famous for porpoise whale, one of the world's smallest whales. Send a unique invitation to visit this amazing city to your friends and loved ones, together with a unique and personalizable, hand-crafted greeting card and two wonderful coffee experiences, all in one!

Be your own Barista

All of our Coffee Cards contain two Fairtrade & Organic Coffeebrewers:
1x Honduras, Fairtrade & Organic Coffeebrewer
1x Colombia, Fairtrade & Organic Coffeebrewer

Our coffees are 100% organic, hand-roasted in our artisan micro-roastery in Denmark, offering you an easy and convenient way to Be Your Own Barista, and pamper yourself or your loved ones on their special day with a little extra!