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  • Content:

    25 Coffeebrewers from 5 coffee farms.

  • Quality:

    Single estate specialty Arabica coffee

  • Grinding:

    Medium coarse

  • No. cups:

    50 cups of 150 ml

  • Brew time:

    4min=Mild, 6min=Good, 8min=Strong.

  • Weight of box:

    XXX g

  • Coffee Origins:
  • 5 x Columbia, organic, fairtrade, 21g.

  • 5 x Honduras, organic, fairtrade, 20g.

  • 5 x Guatemala, organic, fairtrade, 21g.

  • 5 x Ethiopia, organic, fairtrade, 20g.

  • 5 x Brazil, fairtrade, 22g.

Brew company gift box
  • Everyone loves the idea of a delicious cup of coffee or tea...

  • This gift is unique, very innovative, premium and – in every way very different from the usual wine or chocolate gift.

  • We offer a Coffee Lover the opportunity to taste some of the world's finest hand roasted specialty coffees.

  • We are Coffee Lovers, and our quality is based on craftsmanship from berry to cup.

  • We try in every way to go the extra mile to behave responsibly and sustainably.

  • We offer the possibility that you can buy a card and write a personal greeting to the gift recipient.

DeskCafé, Fairtrade Refill Coffee Happy Birthday Gift Box 25 pcs (50 cups)

This box is intended as a refill box for the DeskCafé Coffee Gift Box. Once you've emptied the other one because it was filled with great coffee that you couldn't keep your hands off at all, this box is the next obvious purchase!

As you probably know...
With DeskCafé you can delight yourself, or someone you love, with really delicious Fairtrade gourmet coffee. DeskCafé makes it easy to enjoy a great cup of coffee at your desk or office. When you're busy and most in need of pampering yourself with a tasteful refreshment, DeskCafé is the perfect solution. DeskCafé saves you both time and money as you don't have to spend your breaks going for coffee. Simply reach for a coffee maker and add hot water. A voilá – gourmet coffee easy and convenient!

A sustainable product
At The Brew Company, we want to be part of the solution – not the problem! That is why we have produced our Coffeebrewers using renewable energy. They are both CO2 neutral and plastic neutral and then they are BPA free. In addition, all the coffee Fairtrade and, with the exception of Brazil, is also organic. You can read much more about our commitment to climate and sustainability on our website under the menu item "Sustainability".

Quality and convenience in one
Our Coffeebrewers are made from a concept that combines ease and quality. That's why we've combined the concept from piston jug and pour over coffee with the concept of instant coffee that together provide our Coffeebrewers. And to give our customers the very best we can possibly conjure up, all the coffee is also hand-roasted and painted on our own roastery here in Middelfart, where we stay. This ensures the freshest and tasteful experience for our customers who are coffee lovers just as we are.

The box here contains 25 single estate coffee brewers with coffee from 5 different countries: Colombia**, Brazil*, Guatemala**, Honduras** and Ethiopia**.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee / *Guaranteed fairtrade product from non-EU agriculture / **Guaranteed organic and fairtrade product from non-EU agriculture.

Do you want to send the order as a gift?
Often our products are bought as gifts, which is why many people choose to send the package directly to the recipient. Fill in the recipient's information under "Delivery Address" when you come for payment.

Here's how:

  1. When you get to the basket and the further payment, simply fill in the recipient's name, address and phone number.
  2. We send your coffee gift directly to the recipient and at the same time make sure that the recipient is notified when the package is in the package shop.
  3. Type your own email in the "Contact Information" box – and you will receive the order confirmation and continue to surprise the recipient.