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Tea Taster Box, 8/16 box variation

Our Tea Taster Box contains 8/16 different organic tea brewers, each of which creates very different and unique flavours.

Tea Taster Box 8 pcs contains the following Teabrewers: 
Nordic Berries & Chai, Cranberries & Grenadine, Ginger & Lemon, Earl Grey, Fruity Figs & Pineapple, Tasty Berry, Sweet Sea Buckthorn, Fruity Passion

Tea Taster Box 16 contains the following Teabrewers: 
Nordic Berries & Chai, Cranberries & Grenadine, Ginger & Lemon, Earl Grey, Fruity Figs & Pineapple, Tasty Berry, Sweet Sea Buckthorn, Fruity Passion, Revitalising Treat, Sweet Chamomile, Spicy Turmeric, Lovely Liquorice, Good Morning Quince, Cool Mint, Green Refreshment, Raspberry & Fruit Basket

Nordic Berries & Chai

A beautiful blend, where the dark flavorful Nordic berries meet strong spices, like cinnamon and cardamom, with a touch of delicate cocoa.

Cranberry & Grenadine

A flavorful fruit melange of cranberries, goji, and acai berries, rounded off by the sweet and juicy pomegranate.

Ginger & Lemon

In this beautiful herbal tea, the taste of ginger is complemented by the freshness of lemongrass and enriched with warming spices.

Earl Grey

Unleash your inner tea master and get a real sense of the English 'afternoon tea' with our delightful Earl Grey - an aromatic black tea, enriched with the very distinctive taste of bergamot orange.

Fruity Figs & Pineapple

A refreshing fruity and exotic blend, with hints of ripe pineapple and a surprising taste of fresh pomegranate and pepper.

Tasty Berry

A lovely red infusion, with hints of sweet, sour cherries and raspberries and a fresh citrus aftertaste.

Sweet Sea Buckthorn

A soothing rooibos infusion of sea buckthorn berries, dried fruit bits, balanced with a touch of citrus.

Fruity Passion

A tropical fruit blend, with delightful passion fruit notes, complemented by a soft vanilla aftertaste.

Revitalising Treat 
A perfectly-balanced herbal infusion that will revive both the body and the senses, giving you a much-needed energy boost. 
Sweet Chamomile 
The delicate notes of sweet chamomile, soothing vanilla, and refreshing citrus give this classic herbal tea its unique scent and flavor. 
Spicy Turmeric

An appetizing blend of turmeric, saffron, pumpkin and fine cinnamon hints, striking a wonderful balance between sweetness and spice, for a perfect cozy afternoon treat. 

Lovely Liquorice 

If you like liquorice, then you will fall in love with our Lovely Liquorice organic tea. A sweet herbal infusion, consisting of fruit bits, liquorice root, and anise aftertaste. 
Good Morning Quince 

Start your day well with a balanced black tea and fruity infusion - our Good Morning Quince.

Cool Mint 

A fresh mint herbal blend, enhanced by the sweetness of liquorice and hints of fennel. 
Green Refreshment 

100% natural and organic fresh peppermint herbal tea with green tea. 
Raspberry & Fruit Basket 

A finely balanced blend of fruits, spices, and herbs, well-rounded by the sweetness of apricot and honey. 

Certified organic products from EU agriculture/non-EU agriculture.


anywhere, anytime 

Our innovative Teabrewer combines the rich taste achieved through a classic teapot infusion of loose leaf tea, with the convenience of an instant tea bag brew, making it the perfect choice for on the go, without compromising on either quality or taste. 



Just open, brew & enjoy

  • 2-3 cups of tea from 1 Teabrewer
  • Rinse, refill and reuse 



All our Teabrewers consist of fully organic tea, herbals, and dried fruits skillfully crafted into delicious natural blends. In comparison to a traditional tea bag, our Teabrewer ensures up to 16 x better extraction - a world of flavour you can taste with every single cup.



Choose green towards a sustainable future. We believe in 100% organic teas and herbs, with 0% pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and other harmful ingredients. We're all about that organic, flavourful feel-good!

we love what we do.

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