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Fairtrade & Organic Whole Beans - BOLIVIA, CARANAVI 250g

Our coffee beans from Bolivia are the epitome of specialty coffee, with fine, delicate notes of melon and pumpkin, a subtle bitterness of pecan nut, and a sweet aftertaste with notes of vanilla.

CIAPEC (Cooperative Integral Agropecuaria de Productores Ecológicos Ltda), the cooperative our coffee comes from, was founded on December 3, 2014. Here, 137 family-owned coffee farms were assembled in their desire to put an end to the mass production of coffee, which was neither done environmentally-conscious, nor sustainably. Towards those ends, CIAPEC continues to this day to focus everything on creating 100% organic and Fairtrade products, with clear traceability. In short – ensuring a great cup of coffee, you can equally enjoy in good conscience.

Useful information:

Origin: Caranavi, Bolivia
Notes: Vanilla, nuts, melon and pumpkin
Strength: Mild-medium
Building: Pour over, piston jug and coldbrew

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee* / *Guaranteed organic and Fairtrade product from non-EU agriculture.