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Whole beans – Nicaragua, PROCAFE 1000g. Espresso, Fairtrade & Organic.
This bag of 1000g whole beans from Nicaragua is an espresso-roasted coffee we love incredibly much and the coffee bean from Nicaragua has a very special meaning for our coffee roaster, Malu. It is the coffee that she developed and used for the Danish Championships in Barista in early 2020. You will have a coffee experience with a good cup of coffee that contains a sweet and rich taste that is guaranteed to also wake a Barista in you.

An espresso-roasted coffee
This organic espresso-roasted coffee will give you as much love as we do. It is hand-roasted on our own roastery in Middelfart, Denmark, which guarantees a high quality and where our own coffee roaster Malu takes care of the entire coffee roasting process, thereby putting a lot of love into the production. The coffee is a dark roasted coffee that is both rich and pleasant, and has clear notes of marzipan in the aroma and dried kiwi for a freshness. In addition, you will also be able to sense a taste of smoked oak and so is the Fairtrade.

A coffee bean from Nicaragua wisely
In the region of Madriz in northern Nicaragua, near the border with Honduras, we find the cooperative PROCAFE. PROCAFE was founded in 2011 by 32 small coffee farmers and neighbors. None of the 32 coffee farms has more than 3.5 hectares each, so small farms would rarely be able to make their way into the international specialty coffee market, giving farmers decent conditions and wages. By joining forces, they have created the basis for good working conditions, and free schooling for their children, and to be able to run an organic and Fairtrade farm.

Useful information on whole beans from Nicaragua, 1000g:
 Madriz, Nicaragua
Notes: Marzipan, dried kiwi and smoked oak
Strength: Powerful
Brewing: Espresso

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee* / *Guaranteed organic and Fairtrade product from non-EU agriculture.

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