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Our Espresso Taster Pack is the perfect introduction to our range of high quality, hand-roasted, Single Estate espresso specialty coffees. The package includes our four ultra popular espresso roasted coffee beans. The package is therefore ideal for those who don't want to compromise on the quality of your coffee, who loves to try a little differently or may not have found a clear favorite in our espresso range yet. 

Our espresso bean from Peru is light-roasted and suitable for the accustomed espresso drinker. It's fresh, round and acidic, with fine notes of lime and passion fruit and an aftertaste with notes of dates.

The Peru beans come from Cajamarca - an area of the Andes in northwestern Peru. Here we find the cooperative COOPAFSI, which since its establishment in 1969 has had one particular mission in mind: equality in the coffee industry. The cooperative has a unique approach to the role of women on farms, where they participate not only in picking and planting, but also in the quality control of the finished coffee – both in terms of the physical and the sensory.

BRAZIL, ESPRESSO, 250g. Fairtrade
Our espresso bean from Brazil is our absolute most popular espresso. It is powerful with notes of dark chocolate, roasted hazelnuts and red berries, easy to work with and particularly suitable in combination with milk.

In the Minas Gerais region in the south-east of Brazil, we find the ASCARIVE Cooperative. ASCARIVE was founded with the idea of supporting the small farms and many families working hard to ensure a high-quality coffee. With this focus they have acquired the Fairtrade certificate while having managed to grow and maintain a quality that allows them to deliver good coffee time and time again.

Our beans from Nicaragua have a very special meaning for our roaster, Malu. This is the coffee she developed and used for the Danish Championships in Barista in early 2020. The coffee is rich and pleasant with clear notes of marzipan in the aroma and dried kiwi and smoked oak in the taste.

In the region of Madriz in northern Nicaragua, near the border with Honduras, we find the cooperative PROCAFE. PROCAFE was founded in 2011 by 32 small coffee farmers and neighbors. None of the 32 coffee farms has more than 3.5 hectares each. Farms of this size would rarely be able to make their way into the international specialty coffee market, thereby ensuring that its farmers have proper conditions and wages. By joining forces, they have created the basis for good working conditions, for free schooling for their children, and for running an organic and Fairtrade farm.

Our espresso bean from Colombia, like the bean from Nicaragua, is specially developed for use in the Danish coffee championships 2020. It is dark-roasted, extremely rich and has notes of toasted almonds, smoke, cocao nips and rosehips.

The coffee originates in the Region of Tolima in the southwest of Colombia. It is traced back to the family-owned farms of the SURCAFE cooperative. SURCAFE was founded in 2016 by 56 families who had a common desire to create better living conditions for themselves and their families. By joining forces, they created a better basis for exports and thus better prices for their quality coffee. At SURCAFE they have a particularly strong idea of the environment and the people, which is why the cooperative is also both Fairtrade and organically certified.

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