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Our Taster Pack Filter #3, just like our Taster Pack Filter #1, is a perfect introduction to our range of filter coffee-friendly, hand-roasted, Single Estate specialty coffee whole beans of the highest quality. The package contains four of our popular filter coffee-friendly coffee beans. The package is therefore ideal for those who don't want to compromise on the quality of your coffee, who love to try a little differently or may not have found a clear favourite in our range of filter coffee whole beans yet. In this Taster package you get:

Our beans from Honduras is a sure winner and one of our most popular filter coffees. This medium-roasted coffee has bright, vibrant and fruity shades that are in perfect balance with the pleasant aftertaste of sweet chocolate.

Las Capucas in the Copán region of western Honduras we encounter the cooperative COCAFCAL. COCAFCAL is located in the west of Honduras in the buffer zone of Celaque National Park. The cooperative was founded in 1999 as one of the first registered coffee cooperatives in Honduras. Since its establishment, Chairman Omar Rodriguez and the other members have worked hard with a particular goal in mind: to raise the quality of coffee grown in the area and thereby the living conditions of the beans. Today, they operate in 12 communities running projects that benefit thousands of people. Sustainability is the key word for the active members of the cooperative, who are dedicated to growing sustainable coffees. Therefore, the more than 700 members of the cooperative receive training each year in all aspects of coffee growing, quality assurance, organic farming and certifications and more.

Our beans from Ethiopia are fine, tart and quite typical Ethiopian. It comes with a refined acidity, a careful filling and notes of bergamot, citrus and light chocolate. It develops a lot across different temperature and brewing methods, and is definitely a coffee that is fun to geek with.

Al Arabica coffee is said to have its origins in the mountains of Ethiopia. Legend has it that a young goat herder, Kaldi, observed one day that his goats behaved strangely. After eating berries from a previously unknown tree, the oldest goat jumped and danced. A monk passed on the result to people, and many hundreds of years later today we still enjoy the energy we get from what we now know is the coffee tree.

Our beans from Costa Rica is like the only coffee in our range "Honey Processed". For this reason, the coffee is soft and full-bodied. It has a low bitterness and lovely clean notes of ripe cherries and caramel.

Costa Rica coffee can be traced back to the cooperative COOPEDOTA in the Tarrazu area near the west coast of Costa Rica. COOPEDOTA was founded on 14 December 1999. On 1Oc to 1960, 96 small family-owned coffee farms. In the 1960s it was not easy to be a coffee farmer in the Tarrazu area - transport was unreliable, prices at the local washing station were unpredictable and knowledge of agronomy was limited. All this meant that the bank received a great many inquiries from distraught farmers, and when at one point they got tired of telling the same thing over and over again, they all gathered them all under one roof – and that is how the cooperative COOPEDOTA was founded.


Our beans from Colombia is full-bodied, dark, suitable with milk and easy to work with.

The coffee originates in the Region of Tolima in the southwest of Colombia. It is traced back to the family-owned farms of the SURCAFE cooperative. SURCAFE was founded in 2016 by 56 families who had a common desire to create better living conditions for themselves and their families. By joining forces, they created a better basis for exports and thus better prices for their quality coffee. At SURCAFE they have a particularly strong idea of the environment and the people, which is why the cooperative is also both Fairtrade and organically certified.