We believe that a delicious and rich cup of coffee, tea or a tasty cocktail offers
an important opportunity for a relaxing ‘Zen-moment’ in an otherwise busy lifestyle.

In other words, a busy and demanding lifestyle should not come with the expense of having to endure instant coffee, teabags or premade cocktails.

The core DNA in our innovative portfolio is to combine the utmost premium quality with convenience, availability and affordability.
Our worldwide patented ‘Brew in the Bag’ concept allows you to brew & enjoy specialty coffee & tea, anywhere, anytime.

Thus, we’ve dedicated ourselves to serve the coffee, tea and cocktail lovers of this world - with something that is way better than the ordinary.
Sustainability has been a core part of our DNA, right from the beginning since we set
out as ‘Grower’s Cup’ where fair trade was core to everything we did.

Although we are not by any measure perfect, then given our size and lack of economic strength, we are proud to say
that we are doing a lot more than most, and we are constantly seeking to be a part of the solution – not the problem.

Therefore, we will strive to plant as many trees as we possibly can and contribute to clean the nature from plastic garbage.

Sharing an extraordinary and sustainable coffee, tea or cocktail moment with your
friends & family could be that ‘little extra’ that made the day - a special day…


Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen, innovator