A little extra...

In our belief - enjoying a rich life, is not depending on monetary or material wealth.
Being positive, seeking to get most & best out of - even the smallest things and situations, makes a huge difference.
We believe that a really tasty and rich cup of coffee, tea or a cocktail – are important ‘indulgements’ in a busy lifestyle.

Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to serve the coffee, tea and cocktail lovers of this world…
A busy and demanding lifestyle should not come with the expense of having to endure instant coffee, teabags or premade cocktails.
The core DNA in our innovation portfolio is to combine the utmost premium quality with convenience, availability and affordability.
Our worldwide patented ‘Brew in the Bag’ concept allow you to brew & enjoy specialty coffee & tea, anywhere, anytime.
We are still a super small company, and we are fighting hard to prove that our innovation has an important role to play 
in adding ‘the little extra’ indulgement experience & moment - in our otherwise busy lifestyle. 
Thus, our products are very much thought and meant to be a nice little gift for yourself or to your family & friends.
Moreover, sustainability has been a core part of our DNA - right from the beginning when we set out as ‘Grower’s Cup’. Although we are not by any measure – perfect, as in not leaving a foot print, then given our size and economic strength, we are proud to say that we are doing a lot more than most, and we are a part of the solution – not the problem.
Although that we would love to revolutionize the world thru’ sharing rich & tasty coffee, tea & cocktail experiences with everybody, here & now,
we have armed ourselves with patience and will-power, and we exist from day to day – in the hope that we can add a ‘little extra’ ‘good life’
to all the coffee, tea and cocktail lovers out there, regardless of how busy you are, where you are….
As long as you have access to hot water, there is hope…

….and remember, share great coffee, tea and cocktail experiences with your friends & family, they also deserve, ‘a little extra’…

Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen,