The Idea

One afternoon in June 2002 - I desperately needed a cup of coffee. As I wanted to get the drip maker started, I realised that I was out of coffee filters. In irritation and desperation I slammed the kitchen drawer and cursed the situation, as my eye had caught the sight of some teabags. I thought, well why not try and brew coffee in a teabag.
A moment later I had emptied a teabag and filled it with coffee, I poured hot water over it and let it brew for some time. The water did turn light brown and took a bit of flavour, but tasting it I realised why this solution wasn’t on all supermarket shelves. Still, my interest had been caught.

Innovation and prototyping

With the support of the Bagger Sørensen family I managed to get funding to set out on this venture. Mareks Melecis, a designer talent of Gods will, helped me to visualise my vision of different conceptual solutions. A retired world class engineer Werner Schulz helped me to engineer the prototype concepts and technology. 
We worked our way thru’ several different conceptual solutions, before we decided on the Coffeebrewer. Hundreds and hundreds of different material types, compositions, specs have been tested and tested, and on our way we experienced several suppliers give up on us.
We have carried out thousands and thousands of technical tests, brew tests, consumer focus group test, production tests, and we have literally developed several different generations and thousands of variants of the Coffeebrewer before we in 2014 ended up with the version we have today.

Where are we today?

In 2014 we won a number of prestigious innovation and design awards.
We have successfully innovated the most extraordinary and innovative coffee and tea concept. It brews a fantastic coffee and/or tea and it’s so simple to use.
It offers freedom and opportunities, not only to the coffee-lover, but also to the coffee farmer - as this invention invites them to get their name on the package and make people aware of what coffee they drink and who is growing this fantastic crop.
As an entrepreneur and innovator, I live with a profound gratitude towards the people who is and has been fighting for this idea to become the success it deserves, to my business partners who have shared my vision and believed in this venture and not least to my dear family who has endured this long journey with me.
It has taken way to long to get to this point, but after all – it has been worth it, as I believe that The Coffeebrewer and the Teabrewer are truly innovative and extraordinary!
Please enjoy, thank you!


Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen,
Innovator and founder