Teapot quality made 'teabag' convenient

The idea behind our Teabrewer is that it brings the rich taste of quality whole leaf tea brewed in a good old teapot with convenience of a teabag.
The Teabrewer weighs around 20g., and is letter thin and can fit into any handbag, which make it perfect to bring on the go.


Have you ever studied the content of a tea bag? If you compare the content of a tea bag with our tea you will see a world of difference.

All our teas consist of natural real dried berries, fruits and vegetables. In fact, you can eat our fruit tea as a healthy dried fruit snack.


The taste will depend very much on the water temperature and the steepping time. Our recommendation is to let your tea steep a little shorter than we recommend in the first brew and let it steep longer in the 2nd and 3rd brew.

The filter brew design has been designed for you to manage your teabrew very accurately. When you serve the first cup of tea, the remaining part of the tea in the Teabrewer will be under the filter with the tea ingredients and you will stop the steeping, so it will not go bitter or stronger.

The Teabrewer has been designed to keep the tea warm for up to 30-40 min. depending on the room temperature, as long as you click the spout back on.