Promotional Coffee

The idea of promotional coffee 

Everybody loves a good cup of coffee!
We offer customized private labels for both our unique Coffeebrewers and Coffee/Tea Cards.

Most people love the idea of a good cup of coffee or tea, and it's a relevant treat 24-7-365
The Coffeebrewer has the "Cornflakespack / milk carton" effect! Most people can relate to a morning situation, where the cornflakes package or the milk carton is studied as a habitual kind of a "Zen-moment" morning ritual.
The outstanding innovation inherited in the Coffeebrewer concept will generate curiosity, interest, and involvement. Promotional Coffee is ideal for sampling activities at fairs, conferences, as an award in a competition campaign on Facebook - or as a part of a direct mail campaign. The superior and astonishing good taste will earn credibility and respect for your brand.
Promotional Coffee is ideal for generating clicks on your campaign sites on the internet, both homepages or social media sites.

The value compared to known AD alternatives

compared to investing in printed brochures and/or cards for direct mail purposes, or in newspapers/magazine advertisement.
compared to investments in SEO/Google clicks, Facebook advertisement and/or banner advertisement, where real cost can range from EURO 0,5 to 1,5 per unique "click".

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The challenges of modern commercial campaigns

1. Most people are bombarded with commercial messages and offers these days.
2. Very few ads and direct mail campaigns have real impact and effect.
3. Thus, most campaigns, online or printed, requires "shelling" a message over
a long period and at considerable cost.