All our products are made with an extra thought. We want our brewers and our coffee to be as sustainable as possible, and for this reason, we are always in progress when it comes to improving the sustainability of our products and packaging.

The brewers are made from environmentally friendly craft paper and a thin PE. Our product is highly reusable and we therefore always encourage our customers to help us protect the environment and nature by reusing our brewers.


It can be disposed in the normal garbage system along with milk cartons etc.


Our product is BPA free and has been tested in Danish, German and Japanese labs and meets the highest standards for food safety.


The Coffee/Tea/Herbbrewer does not contain any aluminum or other damaging materials.

Every time we use 1kg of plastic we support the collection of 1kg of plastic waste from nature.

Every time we use 1 kg of CO2 in our production, we support the substitution of 1 kg CO2 by planting new forest in Africa.

All the energy we use for manufacturing our products comes from wind turbine generated electricity.

All our coffees are premium specialty coffees traded at prices that are significantly above minimum fair trade prices.

We are very inspired by and strives to integrate the sustainable development goals from The United Nations in the way we are running our business, as we hope for a more sustainable world. Above you see the development goals which we seek to contribute to directly and indirectly.