During the year most people drink too much ‘rubbish’ coffee and tea.
Often it’s to do with the fact that this is what is available, when there is no time during a busy day.
For this reason – our coffee and tea advent calendars are exceptional gifts for any coffee or tea lover.
Every day a new, tasty and interesting specialty coffee or tea experience with a new story.

It all started last year, when we sent a box of samples to Santa. Over the course of December, Santa enjoyed a Grower’s Cup coffeebrewer with his Elves every morning, and found it to be a great way to start the day. In fact, it came to be a very popular treat in the small Christmas factory and was highly appreciated. In January, Santa called and asked us to make a special private label edition. He had gotten an idea about creating a coffee advent calendar for Christmas. And Santa's wish is our command!

Why is the coffee calendar a great gift idea?

Everyone loves a great cup of coffee in the morning

People want to be surprised with special and innovative gifts

Employees will start every day in December in a good mood

The illustrations provides something fun to talk about every day

This year Santa wanted to treat Mrs. Santa with something special for Christmas too, so he called us to see what we could do for her. That is how we got the idea to create the Tea Advent Calender. We sent a sample box to Mrs. Santa and some of the tea-loving Elves, and they simply adored the idea! Each day they were treated to a new and exciting taste experience, and they loved comparing the different teas. Mrs. Santa was very pleased over the thoughtful gift - and when Mrs. Santa is happy, Santa is happy.

Why is the tea calender a great gift idea?

Everyone loves great quality and taste

People want to be surprised with new taste experiences

The teabrewers are 100% organic and natural

The tea blends consist real ingredients such as dried pieces of fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices and whole leaf tea


A very special To & From Card

The idea behind this greeting card is to add a little extra surprise to accompany the Christmas gift, and avoid having to buy a regular greeting card that will simply be thrown out with the gift wrapping after having opened the gift. Instead, this greeting card lets your gift recipient know who the gift is from, while still giving them a great coffee experience. Brewing and enjoying a greeting card will most certainly go down as a special experience only to be remembered with a smile!

A very innovative Christmas CoffeeCard

A Christmas CoffeeCard is your opportunity to send more personal holiday greetings to your friends and loved ones. A hand-written and letter-posted Christmas greeting card will definitely make your greeting more special and memorable. After all, the value in receiving a Christmas greeting is all about surprising and pleasing the ones we care for. With this being said, we guarantee that the Christmas CoffeeCard will be the best Christmas greeting that your business partners, employees, friends or family will ever receive.

Write your personal greeting on the backside!


Add hot water

250 ml. for strong brew
300 ml. for medium brew
350 ml for mild brew


2 min for mild brew
4 min for medium brew
6 min for strong brew


NB: Keeps warm for 30 min.
when you put the cap
back on the spout!

The secret behind a perfect Irish Coffee is using the very best ingredients.
The coffee plays an absolute key-role as it makes up 2/3 of the drink.