My love to specialty coffee

What is the story behind the Coffeebrewer innovation?

Well, I loved the smell and taste of a really nice cup of coffee, and I really disliked instant coffee and cheap vending machine coffee.

Being an outdoor guy, sailing, fishing and living in the nature, being an entrepreneur with many travel-days away from home,

I missed the opportunity to be able to brew and enjoy a rich and nice cup of coffee – when I needed it the most.

Inspired by the French press and pour-over filter coffee, I set out - to try and innovate the best of the two.

As rich in taste as a French press coffee, but as easy to carry and to make, as instant coffee.

Inspired by the wine industry, I wanted to bring in the provenance and to take the consumer back to the origin of the coffee.

I wanted to introduce the farmer behind the coffee, for that reason our first brand was Grower’s Cup.

It took years and years of development, before we succeeded in getting to where we wanted to be in terms of

convenience and quality. In October 2014, we finally had achieved what we set out to accomplish,

offering any coffee lover to brew & enjoy single estate specialty coffee – away from home.

Yours sincerely,


Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen,
Innovator and founder