We believe that a sumptuous and tasty cup of coffee, tea or delicious cocktail

offers an important opportunity for a relaxing 'zen moment' in an otherwise busy everyday life.

In other words, a busy and demanding everyday life should not be the reason why you find themselves forced to use instant coffee, tea bags and premixed cocktails.

The core essence of our innovative portfolio is to combine the absolute best quality with usability.

Our worldwide patent-protected "Brew-In-The-Bag" concept allows YOU to brew and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee or tea – anywhere, anytime.

We have therefore dedicated ourselves to serving coffee, tea and cocktail lovers in this world – with something much better than the seminal.

Sustainability has been at the heart of our DNA from the very beginning, when we originally started as

"Grower's Cup" and how fairtrade was at the heart of everything we did.

Although we are not yet perfect, we are still very proud to say that we do much more than most, and we are constantly trying to be part of the solution – and not the problem.

Therefore, we strive to plant as many trees as possible and help to clear nature of plastic waste.

... and now remember to share a lot of wonderful coffee, tea and cocktail experiences with your family and friends, they also deserve 'a little extra'.

Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen, innovator

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