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We love what we do

Our values

Through our coffee craft, we want you to create an authentic connection with the farmer, learn about the provenance, and enjoy specialty coffee anywhere, anytime, in a unique and convenient way. We select the best quality specialty coffee beans and hand-roast them in small batches in our artisan micro-roastery in Denmark, refining each distinct flavour.

Built on the pillars of Fairtrade, Sustainability and excellent quality, we designed and patented the Coffeebrewer, an innovative cross-over between the classic French press and pour-over coffee, with the ease and convenience of instant coffee.

Today, we firmly believe in Fairtrade Quality, Convenience and Sustainability, encouraging and inspiring you to share your wonderful coffee experiences with everyone you love, who deserve 'that little extra'.

We love what we do. And we love it so much more when we make you and your coffee loving friends happy!


From the berry to the cup, we nurture our connection to the coffee farmer, selecting the best quality coffee beans, hand-roasting them in small batches in our artisan micro-roastery in Denmark and refining each distinct aroma.


Our quality always translates into convenience, offering you the unique opportunity to BE YOUR OWN BARISTA, and brew gourmet coffee and teas anytime, anywhere.

Making you happy

Ultimately, we want to make you happy and bring a form of delightful comfort in your otherwise busy everyday lives - through excellent coffee, tea and cocktail experiences.


Just as the convenience of our products is the soul of the gourmet coffee and tea experiences you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, contributing in a positive and proactive way to bettering our world and our environment is in our DNA.


We believe that a delicious cup of coffee, tea or a sumptuous cocktail offer an important opportunity for a relaxing 'zen moment' in an otherwise busy everyday life.

Our worldwide patent-protected "Brew-In-The-Bag" concept allows YOU to brew and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee or tea or enjoy a delightful DIY cocktail experience – anywhere, anytime.

Therefore, the core essence of our innovative portfolio is to combine the absolute best quality with usability.

Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen, CEO


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