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BE YOUR OWN bartender

A fantastic cocktail experience

Our concept makes it possible and easy for YOU to create tasty and sophisticated cocktails at home. Forget the long shopping lists with different ingredients that are harder to get hold of.

You also do not need to learn complicated techniques or recipes. On the contrary, it only takes 5-10 minutes to impress friends and acquaintances with brilliant cocktails thanks to our simple and 100% organic cocktail kits. 


For best results, brew the tea well in advance and refrigerate it.
You can mix all your cocktails as described in the recipe booklet inside your cocktail kit, and perfect them exactly to your liking.
Add plenty of ice and shake until you get that delicious foam.
Serve in a glass with plenty of ice. Garnish with lemon, fruit or mint leaves.


It's not a ‘Skinny Beach’, but it's close. Since our cocktails largely consist of natural and organic tea ingredients, the only primary calories are found in the organic alcohol and sugar syrup.


Our tea brewer is the perfect 'pre-mixer' for tasty DIY cocktails.

All our gourmet teas are 100% natural and organic - no additives and no calories, only unique taste experiences!

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