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Whole beans - Bolivia, CARANAVI 1000g. Fairtrade & Organic

Our bean from Bolivia is the epitome of specialty coffee. A markedly different cup with fine, delicate notes of melon and pumpkin, a subtle bitterness a la pecan nut, and a sweet aftertaste with notes of vanilla.

All our beans are hand-roasted. This means that it is processes controlled by humans and not just a machine. Our personal coffee roaster, Malu, controls all the processes and temperatures during roasting. Every 30 years. Second, she checks temperatures and adjusts, depending on which bean is involved.

CIAPEC (Cooperative Integral Agropecuaria de Productores Ecológicos Ltda)
CIAPEC, the cooperative coffee comes from, was founded on 3 December 2014. It was reported that the commission was able to take part in the 2003 world war. Here, 137 family-owned coffee farms were assembled with their desire to do away with the mass production of coffee that took place that was neither environmentally friendly nor sustainable. With this passion, CIAPEC therefore focuses everything on creating 100% organic and Fairtrade products with clear traceability. In short, you get a cup of good coffee with a clear conscience.

Caranavi Province is one of 20 provinces in Bolivia and is located in the east. The province is located on Bolivia Altiplano east of Lake Titicaca.

Since the Fairtrade certification in 2005, the CIAPEC coffee cooperative in Bolivia has been able to carry out a number of projects with fairtrade bonuses. This includes infrastructural measures such as the construction of warehouses and offices, the purchase of technical equipment for coffee growing and the planning of shorter distribution channels. A women's initiative was founded among the ranks of the collaborators, who have given themselves the task of realising equality projects, fighting for school education for children and young people and combating poverty in the region.

Useful information on whole beans from Bolivia, 1000g:
Origin: Caranavi, Bolivi
Notes: Vanilla, nuts, melon and pumpkin
Strength: Mild-medium
Building: Pour over, piston jug and coldbrew

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