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BREASTFEEDING:T Organic Herbal Tea

Shipment of this product is limited to the UK only, due to EU restrictions. Currently, we are working towards a favorable solution in the near future.

Breastfeeding:T - Organic Herbal Tea

Our Breastfeeding Herbal Tea is a mineral, vitamins, and antioxidant-rich blend of fennel, anise, coming, and nettle herbs.

It is thought to have beneficial properties, which in some cases can help stimulate breast milk production and promote relaxation.

Useful information:
Herbbrewer: 7 pcs.
Cups per Brewer: 2-3
Brew temperature: 100°C
Brew time: 5-7 minutes
Reusable: Yes (empty, clean, and refill)

Ingredients: Fennel*, Aniseed *, Lemon Verbena*, Caraway*, Thyme*, Nettle*, Lavender* /*Guaranteed organic product from non-EU agriculture.