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Message Envelope

Fashion Coffee Card #1 | Nothing is more modern than Organic & Fairtrade Coffee | Send a fashionable greeting to someone who deserves it.
Are you missing a gift, or would you like to send a greeting to someone you care about who isn't digital? Then this Coffee Card is a great opportunity to send a more personal greeting. Each card has its own unique front and back, you write your own personal greeting. This fashionable card will fit perfectly for someone who loves fashion as much as coffee, and needs to get into gear and have some alone time with a good cup of coffee.

Make time for a good cup of coffee
Coffee Card contains two Coffeebrewers that will create coffee moments where time can stand still while enjoying good coffee. The coffee is of high quality and then it is hand-roasted on our own roastery. Taste and quality we do not compromise on, and wherever you are, you always have the option of freshly brewed coffee with our unique Coffeebrewers. They are designed for the coffee lover who enjoys good coffee, and then they are reusable so you can brew on your favorite coffee bean. Send or give a modern coffee greeting that won't go out of fashion.


All of our Coffee Cards contain two amazing Fairtrade & Organic Coffeebrewers of the highest quality:
1x Honduras, Fairtrade & Organic Coffee Brewer
1x Colombia, Fairtrade & Organic Coffee Brewer

Do you want to send the order as a gift?
Often our products are bought as gifts, which is why many people choose to send the package directly to the recipient. Fill in the recipient's information under "Delivery Address" when you come for payment.

Here's how:

  1. Select the Coffee Card you want to send.
  2. Type your personal greeting in the text box. This will be put on the back of the card.
  3. When you get to the basket and the further payment, simply fill in the recipient's name, address and phone number.
  4. We send your Coffee Card directly to the recipient and at the same time make sure that the recipient is notified when the card is in the package shop.
  5. Type your own email in the "Contact Information" box – and you will receive the order confirmation and continue to surprise the recipient.
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