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Fairtrade & Organic Espresso Whole Beans - COLOMBIA, SURCAFE 250g/1000g

Our Colombian coffee bean provides a rich, dark cup of coffee, well-suited for milk-based coffee drinks, and also for French press coffee. The flavors of lemon zest, roasted almonds and stone fruit are particularly notable.

Our Colombian coffee originates from the region Tolima in the South-Western part of Colombia. It can be traced back to the SURCAFE cooperative, family-owned farms in Tolima. SURCAFE was founded in 2016 by 56 families, having a common goal of creating better living conditions for coffee farmers and their families. SURCAFE is also particularly preoccupied with the environmental welfare, which is why it is both Fairtrade and organic certified.

Useful information:

 Tolima, Colombia
Notes: Roasted almonds, cocoa nips and rosehip
Strength: Powerful
Brewing: Espresso

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee* / *Guaranteed organic and Fairtrade product from non-EU agriculture.