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Whole beans – Colombia, SURCAFE 1000g. Espresso, Fairtrade & Organic.
This bag of quality coffee from Colombia contains 1000g. whole beans. The coffee is espresso, and then it has a sweet and round taste that you'll only get to like. Colombian coffee has a distinctive scent that will make you think of marzipan coming from almonds and tasting notes of cocoa nips that can only make you relax and enjoy gourmet coffee. At The Brew Company we describe ourselves as COFFEE LOVERS and guarantee that with this tasteful coffee you can get the same designation.

A dark-roasted bean
Colombian coffee is grown on Arabica beans in the beautiful Colombian mountainous region on green coffee plantations, where growing conditions are top notch. All our coffee types are hand-roasted on our own roasting in Middelfart, Denmark. Here our coffee roaster, Malu, has a great overview of all the processes the coffee bean has to go through. Since this Colombian coffee is espresso-roasted, it means it is dark roasted and has a particularly rich round taste and with notes of roasted almonds, smoke, cocoa nips and rosehips.

A coffee farm wisely
The coffee originates in the Region of Tolima in the southwest of Colombia. It is traced back to the family-owned farms of the SURCAFE cooperative. SURCAFE was founded in 2016 by 56 families who had a common desire to create better living conditions for themselves and their families. By joining forces, they created a better basis for exports and thus better prices for their quality coffee. At SURCAFE they have a particularly great thought for the environment and the people, therefore the cooperative is also both Fairtrade and organic certified. In addition, our espresso bean from Colombia, like the bean from Nicaragua, is specially developed for use in the Danish coffee championships 2020.

Useful information on whole beans from Colombia, 1000g:
 Tolima, Colombia
Notes: Roasted almonds, cocoa nips and rosehip
Strength: Powerful
Brewing: Espresso

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee* / *Guaranteed organic and Fairtrade product from non-EU agriculture.