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Whole Beans - Guatemala, 250g. Fairtrade & Organic

Our bean from Guatemala is full and pleasant. It has notes of chocolate, nuts and grapefruit and the classic long aftertaste that characterizes coffee from central America. The coffee is very much in the wide taste and especially those who prefer milk to the coffee, like it. The coffee is suitable for both filter coffee and piston jug.

All our beans are hand-roasted. Not exclusively with machine. It is our personal roaster, Malu, who provides the whole process of temperatures and so on during roasting. Every 30 years. Second, she checks temperatures and adjusts to whichever bean is involved. With our careful processes, we ensure the most fresh and tasteful experience when the product reaches the customer.

Fecceg Cooperative (Federación Comercializadora de Café Especial de Guatemala)
Guatemala is a country known for its majestic mountains stained with volcanoes. Near Guatemala's second largest city, Quetzaltenango, in the district of the same name, we find the cooperative FECCEG. FECCEG is a larger cooperative with almost 2000 small farms, about 25% of which are run by women. FECCEG is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 with the aim of supporting and empowering small coffee producers to overcome the enormous challenges faced in the international coffee market. Among other things, by strengthening the producer network as well as members' negotiating skills in the global coffee market. Today, FECCEG brings together 15 producer organisations, partners and cooperatives that provide work for 1,150 men and 350 women – all small and small farmers. They are all dedicated to and have a fundamental focus on organic production of coffee, honey, cocoa and others, as well as a focus on value-adding agriculture and projects that promote gender equality and food security.

This coffee is also available in our range as Coffebrewers. It is a coffee maker where the coffee is brewed directly in the packaging. You open the bag and just pour hot water over. Follow the instructions on the package and brew the coffee in the desired strength. These brewers are perfect to take out or if you want it easy. They are the combination of quality and convenience!

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