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Tea Taster Box

Our Tea Taster Box contains 8/16 different organic tea brewers, each of which creates very different and unique flavors.

Nordic Berries & Chai

A beautiful blend, where the dark flavorful Nordic berries meet strong spices, like cinnamon and cardamom, with a touch of delicate cocoa.

Cranberry & Grenadine

A flavorful fruit melange of cranberries, goji, and acai berries, rounded off by the sweet and juicy pomegranate.

Ginger & Lemon

In this beautiful herbal tea, the taste of ginger is complemented by the freshness of lemongrass and enriched with warming spices.

Earl Grey

Unleash your inner tea master and get a real sense of the English 'afternoon tea' with our delightful Earl Grey - an aromatic black tea, enriched with the very distinctive taste of bergamot orange.

Fruity Figs & Pineapple

A refreshing fruity and exotic blend, with hints of ripe pineapple and a surprising taste of fresh pomegranate and pepper.

Tasty Berry

A lovely red infusion, with hints of sweet, sour cherries and raspberries and a fresh citrus aftertaste.

Sweet Sea Buckthorn

A soothing rooibos infusion of sea buckthorn berries, dried fruit bits, balanced with a touch of citrus.

Fruity Passion

A tropical fruit blend, with delightful passion fruit notes, complemented by a soft vanilla aftertaste.