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Fairtrade & Organic Whole Beans - PERU, COOPAFSI 250g

If you also like a good cup of espresso coffee, as we do – you should try our delicious whole beans from Peru. Our espresso bean from Peru is light-roasted and suitable for the accustomed espresso drinker. It's fresh, round and acidic, with fine notes of lime, passion fruit and an aftertaste of dates, that will certainly please any coffee enthusiast!

Our coffee beans from Peru come from Cajamarca – an area in the Andes Mountains, in North-Western Peru. COOPAFSI cooperative, ever since its establishment in 1969, has had one particular mission – achieving equality in the coffee industry. The cooperative has a unique approach to the role of women in coffee farms, ensuring their participation not only in the manual fields of labour, such as picking and planting, but also in the quality control of the finished coffee- both in terms of physical and sensory assessments.

Useful information:

 Cajamarca, Peru
Notes: Lime, passion fruit, dates and cane sugar
Strength: Medium-heavy
Brewing: Espresso

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee* / *Guaranteed organic and Fairtrade product from non-EU agriculture.