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UPCYCLED Mulebags, Short Handle

Mule bags with short handle made of recycled material

As every month we roast many kilos of coffee, we also get an equal amount of empty coffee bean bags. A large part of the coffee bags are distributed to nearby schools, which use them in needlework lessons, and a small part is sent to Svendborg on Southern Funen. In Svendborg lives Vera, our coffee roaster Malu's grandmother, who is also The Brew Company's very own talented seamstress. Vera takes apart and re-sews gently each empty coffee bean bag, creating new and trendy mule bags by hand.
The bags are lined on the inside with organic cotton and, since they are 100% handcrafted, they are all quite unique! There's certainly not going to be anyone else wearing the same design as you and you will surely stand out from the crowd!

The dimensions are approximately 40x45 cm