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The Brew Company Coffeebrewer
The Brew Company Coffeebrewer


Everyone loves the idea of a delicious cup of coffee or tea, even more so when it happens to come in a unique and premium gift box, in every way different from the usual wine or chocolate gifts. We offer coffee and tea lovers the opportunity to taste a world of flavour with our unique gift boxes, perfectly suitable for any celebration.


Be an extraordinary friend with an ‘extra ordinary’ gift idea! Our innovative coffee and tea cards offer you the amazing opportunity to choose among 100+ handcrafted designs and surprise your friends with a lovely greeting card, and a little extra pampering gift – some of the world’s finest specialty coffees and teas.


We are inspired by and strive to integrate the UN's world goals into our way of doing business. Our innovative ‘Brew-in-the-bag’ coffee and tea brewers can be sorted into the normal waste system and treated the same way as regular milk cartons, meeting the highest standards in terms of food safety, CO2 and plastic neutrality.

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