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This Christmas, surprise a loved one with the most thoughtful gift of all—a delicious cup of premium single-origin specialty coffee. Our exclusive Christmas Specialty Coffee Gift Box contains an assortment of some of our most popular specialty coffees, hand-roasted at our Danish artisan roastery, slow-crafted to bring out their unique tastes and distinct characters, and packaged in our signature ready-to-brew Coffeebrewer pouches.

 Experience 7 single-origin specialty coffees, hand-roasted and slow-crafted at our Danish artisan roastery
 Lightweight, compact & sustainable Coffeebrewer packaging 
 Easy to use: open, brew for 4-8 minutes & serve
 Adjust the brewing intensity based on how much water you add
 Easy to reuse, simply rinse and refill
🎁 A great gift you can share with your loved ones
💖 Each Coffeebrewer = 2 cups of delicious premium specialty coffee