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Treat yourself and your loved ones to an irresistible tea indulgence this Christmas! Our premium gift assortment consists of 7 organic and natural blends of tea, herbs and fruit bits, served in our sustainable and reusable Teabrewers, which ensure a far superior flavour extraction compared to any traditional tea bags. A gift that will surely impress even the avid tea lovers in your life!

Discover the Christmas Tea Collection gift box:
🍵 7 different organic loose leaf tea blends 
🍵 7 festive tea flavours, including our most popular Nordic Berry Tea, Ginger Chai, Gluhwine Tea and Spicy Turmeric
🍵 7 Innovative and sustainable tea brewers 
🍵 Up to 14 delicious cups of tea you can share with your loved ones 


    1.Nordic Berries and Chai
    2.Spicy Turmeric
    3.Ginger Chai
    4.Blueberry Mint 
    5.Ginger and Lemon
    6.Sweet Chamomile
    7.Glühwine Tea