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The Hario V60 Coffee Scale offers precision and convenience for brewing with the V60, allowing you full control over your coffee brewing process. This scale is equipped with both a traditional weighing function and a timer, enabling you to meticulously monitor water flow and brewing time for consistent results. The integration of these features ensures you can replicate your desired coffee strength and volume every time.

Ease of Use:

Place your coffee cup or brewing setup on the scale.
Wet the filter, preheat the funnel and cup.
Tare the scale and add your freshly roasted and ground coffee.
Start the timer and pre-infuse your coffee for approximately 30 seconds.
Reset both timer and weight measurements.
Continue brewing, adding water until you achieve the desired coffee volume, typically within about 2.5 minutes.

Key Features:

Material: Durable ABS plastic with an elegant black finish.
Weighing Accuracy: 0.1g in the 2-200g range, 0.5g in the 200-500g range, 1g in the 500-2000g range.
Timer: Counts in one-second increments.
Power: Operates on two AAA batteries (included).
Dimensions: 15.2 cm x 4.1 cm x 24 cm.
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