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Contains hand-roasted single origin specialty coffee beans

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Our Barrel-Aged Whiskey Coffee is a sophisticated blend that harmoniously unites aromatic fragrances and a velvety body with an exceptional flavour profile. Medium-bodied, with a round and balanced mouthfeel, complemented by well-balanced acidity, and comforting notes of milk chocolate, subtle floral hints of elderflower and juicy sweetness of peach, all rounded off with natural tones of honey. Our unique ageing process sets this coffee apart: beans aged in an oak barrel that previously aged whiskey for seven years, imparting an incomparable depth and complexity to the flavour. The resulting coffee delights the senses with its luxurious texture and subtle undertones of vanilla, enriched by hints of ripe cherries. Ideal for discerning palates seeking a coffee with character and a story.

    We're committed to delivering a fresh and flavorful coffee experience right to your cup. Our coffees are roasted on demand, ensuring that every bean is at its peak freshness when it reaches you.


    We're passionate about ethical and responsible practices at every step of the coffee-making process. From sourcing to roasting, our coffees are carefully selected, hand-roasted, and slow-crafted. Our commitment to responsibility is reflected in our packaging, which uses kraft paper with minimal CCP laminate that's aluminium-free. We've gone the extra mile by not using the special PP plastic gas valve found in many other coffee packaging. We're also proud to be CO2 and Plastic Neutral.

    Learn more about our responsibility efforts here.