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WMF Electric Boiler

WMF is known for its versatile, stylish products, reliable quality, and sleek finish.
Material: Cromargan® 18/1 stainless steel.

Product description
This water boiler has 1,800 W power and 0.8-liter volume, with an enclosed heat-resistant element within the stainless steel body. The boiler can also be used to heat-up even the smallest amounts of water. The lid can be easily opened at the touch of a button. The required amount of water can be measured accurately thanks to the internal water leveler. The dry run and overheating protection, as well as the automatic boiling stop and locking lid guarantee top-notch safety during use.


  • 1800 watt
  • 0.8L capacity
  • Cromargan stainless steel
  • Removable, washable calcium water filter
  • 360° base station with hidden cable storage
  • Automatic stop
  • Overheating protection
  • Dry boiling protection
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