Quality coffee anywhere, anytime!

We offer you the rich quality you know from specialty coffee brewed in a French press, but with the convenience of instant coffee.
Worldwide patented ‘brew-in-the-bag’ concept allows you to brew & enjoy fresh specialty coffee anywhere, anytime.
The Coffeebrewer is of course reusable.

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Are you are a passionate Tea Lover?

This concept will offer you ‘TEA POT’ quality, but with ‘TEA BAG’ convenience.
All our specialty teas are 100% Natural & Organic, and all of our fruit teas – are with real fruit bits. The Teabrewer is reusable.
You can brew 2-3 times on same tea, and you can empty, rinse and refill the Teabrewer multiple times.
Herbal fuel for yoga-lovers

Not only are our premium herbal tea blends based on 100% Natural & Organic whole leaf tea. Laboratory tests reveal that our infusion delivers up to 50 times more effective than herbal tea in a teabag.
The Herbbrewer is reusable.
You can brew 2-3 times on the same tea, and you can empty, rinse and refill.
Want to be your own bartender?

Our idea is to enable YOU to make delicious and sophisticated cocktails at home, with a minimum of effort.
No need for long shopping lists of ingredients, liqueurs and alcohol brands. No need for learning complicated recipes and practicing.
Our cocktail kits will enable you to be your own bartender.
In a matter of 5-10 minutes, you will be able to impress everybody, including yourself.



Tear open the brewer and secure it doesn't tilt and stands stable on the surface.


Brew with 100°F water and pour over the brewer till the stop mark.


Serve it in a cup and enjoy it!

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