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Colombia Coffeebrewers, 12/5 box variation

Our Colombia, Tolima Coffeebrewer has particularly notable taste notes of Pomelo, chocolate, roasted almonds. It originates from the region Tolima in the South-Western part of Colombia. It can be traced back to the SURCAFE cooperative, family-owned farms in Tolima. SURCAFE was founded in 2016 by 56 families, having a common goal of creating better living conditions for coffee farmers and their families.

Origin: Tolima, Columbia
Altitude: 1500-1800 m.a.s.l.
Varieties: Castilo, Caturra, Variedad Columbia
Process: Washed
Strength: Medium strong
Taste notes: Roasted almonds, pomelo, chocolate

Brewing temperature: 95°C
Brew time: 4-8 minutes
Reusable: Yes (empty, clean, and refill)

100% Arabica coffee
Guaranteed organic and Fairtrade product from non-EU agriculture


Be your own barista
anywhere, anytime 

Our unique "brew-in-the-bag" concept makes it possible to enjoy freshly brewed coffee wherever you are. You will never have to compromise on either quality or taste when drinking your coffee on-the-go.



Just open, brew & enjoy

  • 2 cups of coffee from 1 Coffeebrewer
  • Brew time only 4 - 8 minutes 
  • Choose your flavour intensity - Mild, medium or strong
  •  Rinse, refill and reuse



Our brewers can be recycled the same way as regular milk cartons, however you can also reuse them by simply emptying the coffee grounds after use, rinsing the inside and refilling with your coffee of choice.


Artisan Micro-roastery

Through our coffee craft, we want you to create an authentic connection with the farmer, learn about the provenance, and enjoy specialty coffee anywhere, anytime, in a unique and convenient way.

We select the best quality specialty coffee beans and hand-roast them in small batches in our artisan micro-roastery in Denmark, refining each distinct flavour.


Good coffee, in good conscience

Specialty coffee is more than just delicious flavours. From the berry to the cup, we ensure full traceability of our coffees and nurture our connection to the coffee farmer. We only offer specialty coffees traded at premium prices – securing fair pay and fair working conditions for coffee farmers.

we love what we do.

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