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Contains pre-ground single origin specialty coffee

14 Coffee Cups

7 Coffeebrewers


14 Coffee Cups

7 Coffeebrewers

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Celebrate Mother's Day in style with our premium coffee gift box. Packed with an exclusive assortment of specialty coffees from unique coffee origins around the world, this gift is a true standout.

What truly sets our coffee gift box apart is the innovative and convenient way to enjoy these premium coffees. With our unique coffeebrewer concept, brewing and enjoying specialty coffee has never been easier. No equipment is necessary; simply add hot water to the pre-filled coffeebrewer and let it steep. In just a few minutes, your mom can savor a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, wherever and whenever she pleases.

Content of the specialty coffee gift boxes:

7 pcs gift box contains 7 single-origin pre-ground specialty coffees from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Tanzania, packaged in the innovative coffeebrewers.