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Happy Birthday Coffee Gift Box

The perfect birthday gift for a coffee enthusiast who likes to explore new flavors.
Our Happy Birthday gift box is the perfect introduction to our specialty coffee range from five different single-estate coffee farms and an amazing opportunity to experience a truly unique gourmet coffee moment!

This box comes in 3 variations: 5, 10, and 25, containing specialty Coffeebrewers with coffee from 5 different coffee farms: Colombia**, Brazil*, Guatemala**, Honduras**, and Ethiopia**.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee / *Guaranteed Fairtrade product from non-EU agriculture / **Guaranteed organic and Fairtrade product from non-EU agriculture.


Love and friendship are the best gifts you can give...then comes great coffee!

So be an extraordinary friend with an ‘extra ordinary’ gift!
Choose one of our exclusive Birthday Gift Boxes with 5, 10 or 25 gourmet coffees and pamper your loved ones, who always appreciate a great cup, with a little extra!

Our innovative coffeebrewer

Our patented Coffeebrewer is best described as a crossover between French press and pour over coffee, ensuring a state of the art coffee infusion that evokes the rich taste of the classic French press brew.

The inside filter of the Coffeebrewer can hold between 20 – 22 grams of freshly ground specialty coffee, so you can enjoy a premium quality, fresh brew, with the convenience of instant coffee, anytime, anywhere.

Our coffee is Fairtrade, hand-roasted in our artisan micro-roastery in Denmark, with full traceability of the coffee origins, from the berry to the cup.

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